Best Buds & Siblings on Morning News!

We recently took our little pups for a walk, weather was nice and decided to do an impromptu photoshoot.., The pups normally never sit still for a a good take, but on this day, we managed to get a few good shots. Just for giggles, we thought this would be fun to create a mini dialogue of what we thought the pups were thinking during the shoot...and the dialogue was as follows:

Dahlia: I’m a princess! Tucker: Oh no! I must take cover, I don’t like photo shoots! Tucker/Dahlia: Cheers, we are brother and sister, aren't we cute together? Tucker: I’m tired, when are we going home? Dahlia: One minute bro, give mommy your best side on the next take and then we’ll go home. Tucker: OK, fine, here is my best side…Happy now? I want to go home!

For more giggles, we decided to take one of the best shots and used an app to make it look like they were on the morning news, the "fun time" news as K9STROLLS, INC., pups! Hope we made you giggle!

#k9strolls #inc #dahlia #tucker

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