Friends, following the recent supreme court's ruling on equal rights for same sex marriage, let's be kind in pointing out God's word to each other without misconstrued idea of "judging others". Eminently, effective communication among us has broken down. But, it's no accident; we all know that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Our confusions, commotions and quarrels in matters of truth are nothing but the enemy's intent to turn us against each other; but, more so from God and Truth all along. You see, it’s not an issue about judging others but rather more about reminding each other as God's children not to turn a deaf ear to His word and that which we must not do in order not to perish.

My ultimate perception is that many matters affecting the world today are nothing but "creation attacks" coming from a very dark yet familiar force that has been at war with God's children for ages. We are too deep asleep to wake up and distinguish from truth and deception. Evidently, from tender ages, hearts have been hardened and with that a perfect opportunity has formed for the enemy to fully regenerate; thus gladly feeding from our ignorance.

Now, more than ever you and I as followers of Christ are chosen to BOLDLY RISE and help AWAKE the deep sleepers just as Christ once woke us. Truthfully, God does not want any of His children to perish, and by "any", I mean YOU, ME, & EVERYONE!!! Therefore, RISE, SPREAD LOVE AND AWAKEN SOULS!

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