New Year Letter To Brain...

Dear Brain,

There is a high level of activity in you. You are streamlining suitable alignment to execute a lot of processes and call to actions in many areas of interests in my being. Do not be overwhelmed, YOU CAN DO IT!

You operate a busy thinking schedule. You are currently developing and executing several business ventures. You are preserving stored memories and knowledge to help in writing my book. You think and come up with interview questions for individuals in the arts and entertainment. You tirelessly work in helping writing and editing monthly magazine articles. You help in recruiting and counseling international students. You make room for more knowledge and studies in my degree completion program. Last but not least, you are handling stress associated with trying to conceive a baby, not to mention other constant pull by life from many directions. YOU ARE AMAZING, AND I THANK GOD YOU CONTINUE TO STAY SHARP!

Because you are amazing, I wanted to give you a gift better than a short lived New Year Resolution. To help you stay focused and motivated for the New Year, I thought it would be great to reach out to you through this letter. May this letter help keep you motivated, active, and focused. Let it be a constant reminder to make action your priority in all areas of interest especially in this New Year!

To all inactive areas of my brain, please execute Ctrl + Alt +Del on cookies and useless temporary files immediately. To all active areas of my brain, I command you to execute F5 function and come together in working effectively toward the common goal; -You already know what it is. Form an effective brain-network and work well with my heart toward intensions to achieve great things while devoting to helping people in years to come. All MUST be done. No fear. No time to waste. Only complete life with pure intention henceforth.

P.S. Don't forget to say your prayers and let God direct your steps!


Ruth Omanya, Entrepreneur

↘I don’t do New Year Resolutions. I pray for focus and plan my goals. This year, I wrote a letter to my brain to help me focus in the New Year 2016 and beyond... → What is your New Year resolution or goal???

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