The Entrepreneur


Ruth Omanya

Ruth Omanya was born in Kendu-Bay, Kenya, East Africa. She moved to the United States to pursue further education and later on a brief modeling career that led her to entrepreneurship. Due to age cut-off in high fashion modeling in the United States, Ruth chose to gain stability in a new country by venturing in entrepreneurship while taking on other professional work in business settings. Today, Ruth continues to pursue acting. She appeared in Robert Alaniz's films, “You Don't Say” and “DINKS”. Her current entrepreneurship ventures include her companies 

“K9TROLLS, INC.” for pet care,  “UniversityWARD” for international student recruitment and counseling. Through her love for the arts and entertainment, Ruth launched “Script To FILM” a movie streaming distribution network  and “Portfolio Fusion Magazine” that celebrates 

works-in-the arts where she has interviewed some up and coming and high profile individuals in the arts and entertainment industry.

In 2010, Ruth was recognized by NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) for demonstration of excellence and dedication within her profession. Also in 2010, Ruth was interviewed by “Destiny”, a major South African magazine where she was included in their “ Young & Powerful” issue. In 2016, Ruth was nominated for a lifetime award and thereafter inducted to “The National Society of Leadership and Success”. Other philanthropic work and efforts that Ruth has launched and holds dear to her heart are  “Zane & Sydnee” a charitable organization that creates IUGR Awareness and raises money for IUGR research. As her way to cope with grief, Ruth started “Zane & Sydnee” following recurring miscarriages and thereafter two pre-term pregnancy losses of her son and daughter Zane and Sydnee, who were born into heaven in 2016 & 2018 respectively due to IUGR complications.  In the fall of 2020, Ruth joined Harvard University's Extension School. Coming soon is Ruth's new book rumored to be published soon! 

A Timeline of Adventure, Continued Education, Life Changing Events, Rewards & Recognitions, and Work.